The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks which was conceived in 1969 by The Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. government .It was created with the aim of creating a network that allows researchers at one university ;communicate with their counterparts at other universities.

The internet which comprises of thousand of smaller regional networks scattered throughout the globe allows communication to take place between connected computers and online users.
Today,the internet is a public,cooperated and self-sustaining facility,accessible to billions of people worldwide.What distinguishes it from other telecommunication network is its use of a set of protocol called TCP and ICP (Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Control Protocol).The internet which literally means ’network of networks’ is use for the following:
1.INFORMATION;The internet provide its users with messages ranging from job vacancies to current affairs and many more.
2.ENTERTAINMENT;It has interesting games, movies e.t.c. that are stored to entertain its users worldwide.
3.SOCIALIZATION;The internet aid social interaction between relatives,friends e.t.c.
4.EDUCATION;It develop the academic skills of learners through the educational books,tapes e.t.c. that are store.
5.ADVERTISMENT;The internet aid business activities because most business enterprises now store information about its product,diagram e.t.c.and buyers can bulk for product by using electronic fund transfer (ETF) to pay for goods purchased.
In  conclusion,the internet has develop the globe  in no little measure through its uses and this makes communication has easy as possible.