Adding a Facebook Fan Box or Facebook Like widget to Blogger

Adding a Facebook Fan Box or Facebook Like widget to Blogger helps to get more Facebook fans. So here is a quick tutor to add Blogger widget for Facebook Like Box for the Blogger. Facebook Like Box was earlier called as Facebook Fan Box.Steps to Create Facebook Like Box Widget for Blogger: The below mentioned steps given are assuming that you already created a Fan Page in Facebook. Hence in this post, I have giving only the steps to create the Blogger Widget for Facebook Like box.Step 1 : Go to Facebook and open your Facebook Fanpage URL. Copy the address of the fanpage from the URL Bar from the browser as shown below. In my case it is
Step 2: Go to the Facebook Social Plugin creator page by clicking Facebook Like Box configuration Page. You will get a page as shown below.

Step 3: Now paste your page URL which you have copied in the step 1, inside the Facebook Page URL text box.Step 4: Customize the widget size by entering the height and width and color scheme. Keeping the height field blanks takes takes the default size. You can select "Show Faces" Check box to show the images your followers else images will not be shown. You can also enable or disable recent post snapshot in the widget by selecting or un selecting the "ShowStream" Checkbox.Step 5: Click on Get Code which gives two sets of codes. Select "iFRAME" in the top tab and copy the code.
Step 6: In Blogger, go to "Layout" click on " Add a Gadget" link. Select HTML/Javascript gadget and paste the code in the content box. Place the gadget in your desired place of the blog.Step7: Click on "Save Arrangement". You are done. Your Facebook Like box appears in your blog.
Adding the Facebook Like Box in the blogger helps to gain more Facebook fans and also it helps to improve user engagement on the blog. Let me know if this helps. Share your inputs in the comments section below and hit Like if you like this tip.