How To Clean Monitor

Dirt, finger prints, and dust can make your computer screen difficult to read; however, it's easy to clean your screen when needed. Although there are monitor cleaning kits that you can buy, they may damage your monitor if they are designed for a different type of monitor. For example, a monitor cleaner that is designed for glass screens may not work with some non-glass LCD screens. The safest method is simply to use a soft, clean cloth moistened with water.

Do not use glass cleaner to clean a monitor. Many screens have anti-glare coatings that can be damaged by glass cleaner.

Turn off the computer.
Unplug the monitor from the power. If you are using a laptop, unplug the laptop.
Use a soft, clean cloth moistened with water to wipe the screen clean.

Wiping the screen

Do not spray any liquids directly onto the screen. The liquid could leak into the monitor and damage the internal components.