How To Fix A Slow Computer

There are so many computer users out there that wonder how to fix a slow computer in a more cost effective manner. Many owners of computers out there are worried about having to spend heaps of money to do so.
How to fix a slow computer when using automated scanning software
You needn’t worry when it comes to fixing a slow computer by using an automated software program, as your operating system will allow such a program to run automatically without having to seek your consent. In most cases these are anti-virus programs, which are set to run periodically. These types of programs will run in the background, so the user of the computer will not know when it’s happen. During the scanning process, the speed of the computer will be slowed down, however.
When you encounter this issue, you can fix the problem by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Windows Task Manager should load up, now click on the tab labelled Processes and then search for the auto-scanning software from a list of processes. You can choose to disable it, so that you can use your computer. There are also some scanner programs which allow you to alter the time in which it automatically runs. However, for the cheaper programs, your only option will be to uninstall it and install something more advanced.
How to fix a slow computer using your disk defragmenter
Your computer can take a rather long time to locate and retrieve files, this is particular the case when the files are fragmented. You can run the disk defragmenter program in order to resolve this issue. Simply click on Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmenter. This process will arrange all the files on your computer hard drive so that they are next to one another, this will ultimately speed up their access time.
Fixing spyware and viruses issues
Spyware is a little program which is designed to send information about a computer to a specific program or another computer via a network. These programs run in the background, which means you will not notice them while they are at work. A virus is a program which consumes your system resources by automatically replicating itself. Both of which are able to slow your system down considerably. In order for you to bring your computer back to perfect health, you must install the appropriate antivirus/anti-spyware program. It’s also a good idea for you to look out for updates as new spyware and viruses programs are always being invented.
Speeding up a slow computer by cleaning your system registry
Your system registry contains information on your operating systems settings, options and preferences. As operations are performed by the user on the system, entries are created inside of the registry. There are also spyware and viruses programs that are also a threat to your systems registry. So it’s in your best interest to preserve the integrity of your registry.
In order for you to do this, you literally have only one option, that is to purchase a registry cleaner program. With that said, the program that I personally recommend you invest in is SpeedyPC Pro, this is because it’s amongst the best in the marketplace, and the fact that it also comes with a number of nifty additional functions, such as malware removal, privacy protection and disk cleanup.