Top 5 all-in-one PCs

Big-screen all-in-one PCs are increasingly dual-purpose devices: You can use them as computers for playing PC games, using productivity apps, surfing the web and more. But thanks to HDMI inputs, you can also connect a gaming console like an Xbox 360 and play those types of games, or plug in a your cable or satellite TV service provider's set-top box and watch TV! Blu-ray drives were once de rigeur on high-end all-in-ones, but that feature seems to be falling by the wayside as manufacturers assume consumers will watching movies online. Several models boast touch screens to take advantage of Windows 8, but that feature can add considerably to the price tag of units with 27-inch displays.
The Envy 23 delivers solid performance and an excellent touchscreen in a sleek, usable package.

All-in-ones aren't just for the home. Dell's Optiplex line is designed for business and corporate environments. Its VESA mount gives you the option of using the computer on an articulated arm that will lift it off your desk.
prices from$1,158.00

The Aspire 7600U is a mesmerizing machine, but its mobile processor delivers less-than-impressive performance.

Samsung delivers one of the nicer looking all-in-ones on the market with good overall performance, but weak gaming capabilities.
prices from$942.00

The XPS One is gorgeous. It has a 27-inch screen boasting resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels and a Blu-ray drive. Be prepared to pay for all that goodness.