Text-Link-Ads – Truly Passive Income for Your Blog ~ by Dan & Jennifer

Don’t sit around waiting for advertisers to come to you. People are out there shopping for link ads RIGHT NOW in marketplaces like Text-Link-Ads. If your site isn’t in that directory, then someone else is going to get paid to put links on THEIR site today.

How to get started with Text-Link-Ads in 5 minutes or less

  1. Go sign up with Text-Link-Ads right now. It’s a short form. :-)
  2. There’s no real work to do whatsoever. You just fill out a form, install their small code snippet (or activate the WordPress plugin) on your blog, and your site shows up in their marketplace.
  3. Then the fun begins… Whenever someone purchases an ad for one of our blogs, we get an automated email to approve the ad. We log in to Text-Link-Ads, look at the new link and it’s ad text, and we approve the ad. Whew… time for a break!
THIS definitely qualifies as passive income – talk about Blog Monetization Zen.

What’s the downside? Any gotchas?

Yes, Text-Link-Ads keeps 50% of the link cost as their fee. That’s a little high, but fact is that’s the cost of being in their catalog of links that advertisers go to IN ORDER TO BUY LINKS.
If your cut isn’t enough for you, raise the price until you feel happy about it. If that 50% still bothers you, then get over it and do something about it. Later on, when you get around to it, you can ALSO offer links to advertisers directly for the same price and keep ALL the profits.
But you should have your site in the Text-Link-Ads marketplace, so that people shopping there will see your blog and buy your links. If you’re not there, those happy link shoppers will buy links on another site.
One mistake many people make is to leave a very low price for links on their blogs. Of course, don’t set it too high… just value yourself appropriately as compared to other advertisers in your niche. Remember – if you don’t see your own value, nobody else will!

How much money can I expect to make?

We consistently make over $500 per month from Text-Link-Ads these days, with very little effort. Other bloggers we know make between $100 and $1,500 per month just from Text-Link-Ads. The higher the Google PageRank and Alexa Rank your blog has, the more advertisers will want to buy space on your blog, and the more money you’ll be making.
This is just like real estate. In fact, think of your blog as Virtual Real Estate. And the more you develop it, the more it will be worth.
This means start early, develop the property, and stay the course!
Go sign up with Text-Link-Ads right now.This is a real no-brainer option for blog monetization.

When you complete the short Text-Link-Ads sign up form, they MAY ask you if you’d like to participate in a cool new “beta” program called “In-Links” or something to that effect. What they don’t tell you is that this new program REPLACES the regular Text-Link-Ads program. Just say NO! Some of our friends have tried it and had all kinds of bizarre problems. Keep it old school, skip that new “beta” plan and do the regular Text-Link-Ads program! And let us know how it works out for you.