Bypass Antivirus Using Easy Crypter - (100 %FUD -2013)

Crypter is a software used to crypt or encode your keylogger , spy ware or any other virus so as to bypass from antivirus detection. The problem with free crypters is that they get detected after a while, so you can't use one crypter every time. In my blog I've shared many free FUD (Fully undetectable ) Crypters but as i said earlier these free crypters get detected after while and thus are of no use, Past month i received many requests from my blog readers asking me to share a FUD keylogger so today I've decided to share Easy Crypter which is currently FUD

What is a Crypter
Crypter is a  software used to hide our viruses, keyloggers or tools from anti viruses so that they are not detected by anti viruses. Thus, a crypter is a program that allow users to crypt the source code of their program to Bypass antivirus detection.

If you are new to crypters then i kindly suggest you to read my previous post "Crypter Software To Bypass Antivirus Detection"

Easy Crypter
Easy Crypter  is a safe and convenient program which allows you to encrypt / decrypt the single or multiple files as well as text, such as e-mail. It is used modern modification of the DES algorithm for encryption - one of the best cryptographic algorithms that approved as an official standard in many countries. Easy Crypter  is easy to use and does not require any knowledge in the cryptography sphere. The program runs under Windows operating systems.

  • Reliable encryption algorithm - TripleDES
  • High speed data processing
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • The ability of simultaneous encryption / decryption of multiple files
  • Separate interface for working with the text.

To Download Easy Crypter, please visit their official website from the following Link 

Note:  This a public crypter and Hence it will remain FUD for only few weeks , So use this crypter at the earliest.we also recommend you to use Winspy keylogger or Sniper spy Which are FUD Fully undetectable by antivirus 

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Credits - Easy Crypter