How To Use Mobile Camera As A Webcam !

Smartcam is a small utility which can help you in using your mobile camera as a webcam and it is really handy to use so simply downloading it and installing it will help you in using it. You do not need to have any kind of technical knowledge so just check out the below steps and enjoy this amazing small software.

Install Smartcam Package on Mobile and on your PC :

1. First you need to have Smartcam package in your PC and on your Mobile Phone installed, you can download this full Smartcam Package which contains PC software and all mobile versions app.
2. Now you have downloaded the above package you need to extract it and than install it on your PC and your Mobile Phone.
3. Now simply fire it up on your PC and on your Mobile Phone, now connect your phone to your PC with USB or Bluetooth which ever is available.
Smartcam Windows
Now enjoy using your mobile as your pc webcam, it simply works fine as reported by many readers, but still you find any problems than please make sure to comment below so that it can be solved.